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Attract your soulmate clients…

Yesterday I could almost fry an egg on my daughter’s forehead, thankfully she is doing much better today.

I am amazed at how well-spirited she was even though she had nearly 40℃. Today she is resting and eating noodle soup.


During the coaching quickie in my facebook group yesterday we talked about attracting soulmate clients, and the do’s and don’ts.

It is so easy to repel your soulmate clients, even though it isn’t your intention, by being too pushy and un-authentic in who you are.

Pull your soulmate clients to you, or ATTRACT them to you.

Be there for them, show up and BE YOU. Help her out, be of service, and be genuine. You will only push them away if you are the opposite, think of how you want to be treated yourself. And act accordingly.

The 80-20% rule is a great guide to live by, your posts can’t be all value and no selling and vice versa. Find the balance, YOUR balance, and SHINE. Showcase YOU by being AUTHENTIC and GENUINE.

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