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Is it important to stay true to your ideal client?

It is so important to focus on your niche, you don’t want to dilute your message, making it to generic and broad.

I know it is so tempting to want to address your message to every single woman out there, because you know they need you and that what you are offering can be of help.

However, if you do this – you will attract none. Focus on your niche, focus on your ideal client and attract her with your soul, your specific message.

Let me give you an example.


The other day I saw a sponsored post in my feed on Facebook.

The headline made it clear that it was targeted to women over 40 yrs old and how they could get in shape, just answer the questionnaire and the program would be specific and targeted to your needs. So far so good…however…

the person marketing this was a young man, maybe around 25 yrs old, and super fit.

The incongruency of this was so clear, a superfit healthy man with no children (this is my own assumption) trying to target moms over 40 years.

The comments (over 1K) were pointing this out, and by scrolling through them and reading this, I don’t think he made as many sales as he could have been by targeting and talking to his ideal client.

I get it, it is really tempting to target moms over 40 bc most likely they have money to spend but it is better to target your true ideal client, and help them out instead.

I’m sure this man has all the credentials, all the experience needed but moms over 40 may not look for fitness experts who they can’t resonate with.

See the importance of finding your true ideal client?

Much love,

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