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Mindful healing <3

Last week I got some news that was totally unexpected, and I just crumbled, but let’s backtrack to about a year ago…

When my fatigue syndrome / burn out was at its peak my vision started acting up. I was from time to time experiencing double vision, and that my eyes were really really tired. After reading up on fatigue syndrome I realized that it was quite common to experience this.

It’s a common syndrome, but it isn’t often discussed. However, I talked to my doctor and he told me to stay calm, that it would most likely surpass and focus on my body, soul, and mind to heal first and foremost. And I did.

I went to therapy, I took part in a class of mindfulness that lasted 9 weeks, I meditated and I took prescribed drugs to help me heal from all angles.

However, my vision kept on acting up so I went to see an optician who told me vision had changed and that I needed to have new glasses…

Fast forward to December 2017.

I was at my doctor’s office (and he is the best doctor ever) and we talked about my health, and I brought up the fact that my eyes were still acting up and that I wanted to see an ophthalmologist. He sent a referral and here we are…

They may have detected early stage glaucoma and that scares me immensely. However, may and early stage are two crucial parts of this sentence. Logically, I know everything will be fine, emotionally I have been a mess. Crying, feeling sad and emotional.

My blessings are YOU, meditation, mindfulness and my family.

I posted about this on Friday, and I got love and healing thoughts and prayers AND an article about how to treat glaucoma with natural remedies. I’ve ordered almost everything the article recommended (Omega 3, Magnesium, and more). I’m looking over my diet and I meditate.

Meditation and mindfulness are two of the greatest tools in the world to heal, to grow and to be true to who you are. I’ve found meditation and mindfulness through social media, I’ve learned so much during this year and I can’t wait to become the best version of me during 2018.

I can’t wait to help YOU grow, heal and expand with me throughout this year. Body, mind, and soul are what we are made of. Focus on that and you will flourish <3

Thank you for the love and support, forever grateful to you all.

Much love, Linn

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