Keep your eyes on the prize ladies…


Keep your eyes on the prize ladies, keep your eyes on your dreams and goals

What is your number ONE tip for making this an amazing Tuesday?

It’s a new day, with an endless amount of possibilities – how can YOU make TODAY COUNT?

I believe in fresh starts and a grateful approach to life. Your goals for the week should be set (either on Sunday or Monday at the latest) so today should be about the actions you need to take to make those a reality.

If you haven’t set any goals – today is a perfect day to do it as well. It is never too late .

This is a really cool method to use when setting goals. It is perfect for your monthly goals, but feel free to use it for your weekly goals as well.

Use these five W to specify it completely!!!

What? – what do I want to achieve?
Why? – why is this important?
Who? – Who do I need to involve?
When? – when should it be completed?
What? – what actions should I take?
It’s your life – OWN IT

Keep your eyes on the prize ladies.
It’s your life – OWN IT!!!

Linn, xx Business & Sales mentor

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