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Don’t quit your day job

I know that it is so tempting to quit your day job, or night job but FIRST make sure that you can support yourself, or at least have set up a business that has begun to generate some income for you.

I see so many coaches tell others to just quit, otherwise, you aren’t committed enough to really make it work according to them.

I beg to differ!!!

It is equally important that you have a business idea in place, have begun to cover some ground and at least have a notion of what you are doing AND that it is generating INCOME.

How else will you support yourself? Your children? Your life?

It takes TIME to set up a business that is generating some kind of revenue (not only sales, if you are making sales but your expenses are too high = no revenue, you still won’t make money to live off).

Set up your business WHILE YOU’RE STILL WORKING, and then when it is up and “sort of” running, do the math and see if you can quit your day job.

It ain’t cheap to live, but it is more expensive if you have nothing…

Linn, xx
Business & sales mentor

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