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Objections…to handle or not to handle…

Objections…we all hear them, maybe even fear them and potentially even feed them…

There are several common objections that you may hear on a sales call “too expensive”, “have to talk to my husband”, “need to think about it” etc etc.

And yes, there are several ways to handle objections, but it is my strong belief that it isn’t for you to do that (it all depends on the way the objection is phrased of course).

The YES needs to come from her heart, it has to be in ALIGNMENT with HER visions and dreams.

It isn’t for you to persuade her to say yes, it is for her to convince you why she must/need work with you.

Your true ideal client will want to say yes, will want to act and build her dream life with your help.

HOWEVER, there will be times when you feel that you are talking with your true IC and that she would really benefit from your program/service, even though she is raising an objection.

So what do you do, when you hear “I can’t afford it”, “I have to talk to my husband” or “I have to think about it”?

These kind of objections fall into one of these three categories;

  1. DOUBT – she either doubt you or herself, your services or her own ability to benefit properly from your skills and knowledge.
  2. MISUNDERSTANDING – she misunderstands or misinterpret your program or offer, what end results she may experience. Both short term and long term.
  3. DISADVANTAGE – she feels that your program doesn’t suit her or she has seen another coach, with the same area of expertise but with a different approach that she feels is more in alignment.

The first and second objection are pretty straight forward, just go back to asking her questions.

>>Try to understand why she have doubts.

>>Try to understand what the misunderstanding is about.

Once you know the reasons for her doubts or what she is misunderstanding you know how to handle the objections.

It can either be by painting a picture of the new future, clarifying your program or what you feel suits the situation.

Number 3 is more difficult, if it is a true disadvantage…

Otherwise handle it like objection no 1 and 2. If it is a clear disadvantage, maybe you both are better off not working together. Maybe she isn’t your ideal client after all.

Handle your objections on a sales call with ease and flow, and remember…

You should never have to persuade someone to work with you!!!

You should be on calls with soulmate clients who almost already know they want / need / desire to work with you.

It’s your life – OWN IT!!!

Linn, xx

Business & sales mentor

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