Big sigh of relief…

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A big sigh of relief… A couple of weeks ago I went to the ophthalmologist and he began talking about changes on the papilla tissue, pigmentation changes on the yellow spot and that the pressure was way too high, indicating early stage glaucoma… Yesterday I went back for three more exams and the verdict is… Everything he said was true, the pressure is too high (24mmHg), and it shouldn’t be above 20 mmHg. However, all we need to do now is to monitor my eyes and hope for the best. So, I DON’T HAVE GLAUCOMA, but are in the zone […]

Objections…to handle or not to handle…

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Objections…we all hear them, maybe even fear them and potentially even feed them… There are several common objections that you may hear on a sales call “too expensive”, “have to talk to my husband”, “need to think about it” etc etc. And yes, there are several ways to handle objections, but it is my strong belief that it isn’t for you to do that (it all depends on the way the objection is phrased of course). The YES needs to come from her heart, it has to be in ALIGNMENT with HER visions and dreams. It isn’t for you to […]

Don’t quit your day job

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I know that it is so tempting to quit your day job, or night job but FIRST make sure that you can support yourself, or at least have set up a business that has begun to generate some income for you. I see so many coaches tell others to just quit, otherwise, you aren’t committed enough to really make it work according to them. I beg to differ!!! It is equally important that you have a business idea in place, have begun to cover some ground and at least have a notion of what you are doing AND that it […]

Keep your eyes on the prize ladies…

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#toptiptuesday Keep your eyes on the prize ladies, keep your eyes on your dreams and goals <3 What is your number ONE tip for making this an amazing Tuesday? It’s a new day, with an endless amount of possibilities – how can YOU make TODAY COUNT? I believe in fresh starts and a grateful approach to life. Your goals for the week should be set (either on Sunday or Monday at the latest) so today should be about the actions you need to take to make those a reality. If you haven’t set any goals – today is a perfect […]

Mindful healing <3

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Last week I got some news that was totally unexpected, and I just crumbled, but let’s backtrack to about a year ago… When my fatigue syndrome / burn out was at its peak my vision started acting up. I was from time to time experiencing double vision, and that my eyes were really really tired. After reading up on fatigue syndrome I realized that it was quite common to experience this. It’s a common syndrome, but it isn’t often discussed. However, I talked to my doctor and he told me to stay calm, that it would most likely surpass and […]

Is it important to stay true to your ideal client?

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It is so important to focus on your niche, you don’t want to dilute your message, making it to generic and broad. I know it is so tempting to want to address your message to every single woman out there, because you know they need you and that what you are offering can be of help. However, if you do this – you will attract none. Focus on your niche, focus on your ideal client and attract her with your soul, your specific message. Let me give you an example. —————————————————————————- The other day I saw a sponsored post in […]

What’s the point?

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What is the point with your business? When you understand your true why, not the one you think have to be your why, but the underlying reason for your business and to what you want and the desire THEN you will be naturally motivated, inspired and driven to put in the work, the commitment and passion to reach your goals and dreams. How can you become crystal clear on this? I say JOURNAL!!! Be true, be honest, be YOU. Journal for hours, or minutes, but DAILY to really connect with your true self. That is what will bring you success. […]

Attract your soulmate clients…

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Yesterday I could almost fry an egg on my daughter’s forehead, thankfully she is doing much better today. I am amazed at how well-spirited she was even though she had nearly 40℃. Today she is resting and eating noodle soup. —————————————————————————————————————— During the coaching quickie in my facebook group yesterday we talked about attracting soulmate clients, and the do’s and don’ts. It is so easy to repel your soulmate clients, even though it isn’t your intention, by being too pushy and un-authentic in who you are. Pull your soulmate clients to you, or ATTRACT them to you. Be there for […]

Life coaching

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A new day and new beginnings. Look at this beautiful picture that was sent to me yesterday from a friend. Isn’t it breathtaking? It was taken during the super blue blood moon in Manilla, in the Philippines. I couldn’t see anything from where I was, it was super cloudy and rainy but nevertheless COULD YOU FEEL IT Just like the moon was especially breathtaking yesterday, life is breathtaking. Even though it may not be what you expected or what you dream of, not right now but YOU will AND can get to live the life you dream of. I’m feeling […]

Super blue blood moon <3

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Today it is super blue blood moon, an occurrence that happened nearly 150 years ago ( and today is also my new years eve. Today is the beginning of my new life, the rise of Linn 3.0. I want to live life on my terms, reach the goals and dreams that I have set up and I want to make myself proud of who I am, what I have achieved and the impact I have over my own life, my children’s, friends and family and YOU. What are you dreaming of? What is your most desired outcome of life? And […]