Goals and visions, visions and goals…

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As I sit here, on the first of September writing down my goals and finally doing my vision board, I realize that goals and vision can sometimes confuse us all, right? Goals can be so easy to write down, and so can the vision for your future dream life, the challenge lies in connecting the two. Making them inseparable, yet free from one another. A goal without linking it to why, the why being put on your vision board, will only mean that you have a goal but don’t really know why. The feeling of reaching a goal without that […]

Setting Goals for your business

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Why do we set goals for our business? Setting goals is a great way to make sure we reach the levels of success we are striving for with our business, that we reach the dreams and visions that we have created for ourselves. All business owners set goals, all business owners tries to reach their set goals – some are more successful than others. Why some reach their set goals and some don’t comes down to several different factors – didn’t work for it, set to high (if they are the wrong ones)or too low goals (low = not inspiring), […]

Do you want to be successful in sales?

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The reason why I’m asking you this question is because I see so many women posting that they hate sales. They say it feels icky, pushy, or just plain uncomfortable. I wonder why, since selling is just another word for connecting and helping. Why does sales make YOU feel uncomfortable? Reply and let me know. A mindset trick is to switch the word selling to helping and connecting with others who are in dire need of your help. You’re helping women with your products or services. Feel honored that you have the privilege to make a difference. Do you feel […]

​10 tips to be SUCCESSFUL IN SALES

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I’m sure you want to be successful in sales, because if you are, you will be able to grow your business and build your dream life. You will be able to help others with their pain points, you will help others reach their goals and they will have the opportunity to benefit from your service or product. Here are 10 tips that I’m going to share with you here that will make it so much easier to reach your level of success in sales you desire, want and need. 1 – BE AUTHENTIC. Always be yourself, no one else does […]

TRUST – the essence of a great relationship

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Do you want to be able to master sales, to be able to connect with clients, make an impact in peoples lives?… Then you need to do this;– Trust in the coach to be able to help you– Trust in the client to be able to enter her zone of genius. Trust is so important, but in the hectic World of facebook, Twitter and news updated every single minute we do not get that much time to build any type of relationship based on trust. So, it is important but we don’t get second chances because there is no time […]

Successful in clarity calls

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Clarity call, discovery call, strategic session, laser session – they are all basicly the same thing but with a different name for it:-) I tend to sway between discovery call and clarity call, but has come to the realization that it is indeed a clarity call. You and your potential client have the call to gain clarity – either it is that the two of you should and will work together or the opposite. From now on, lets call the clarity calls There are 7 elements in a successful clarity call and I will go over these here. 1. Preparation […]

My story – the short version…

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These last couple of years can best be desicribed as living on a roller coaster. I wish and work hard om my manifestions to make sure that 2016 will be my year in so many aspects. I will share them with you tomorrow🙏🏻 I have had two major back surgeries at the same time going through a divorce. I bought a house that turned out to be moldy and rotten in some parts hence, a renovation from hell began while at the same time recouperating from my divorce and one of my major back surgeries. During this time I suffered […]

The power of a in-depth SWOT-analysis

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SWOT analysis is a great tool to tackle a problem, coming up with a solution or just analysing your situation from different angles. This is great when, for example analysing your offers, your business modell or goals. You can do it from a clients perspective, your own etc So what does SWOT stand for? S = strenght.what are the strenghts of your offers, business model, freebie? W = weakness.What are the weakness of your offers, business modell etc? Minimize these by analysis, adapting them or just eliminate them. O = opportunityWhat opportunities does your offer provide? What can you turn […]

Set goals that really attracts you

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Setting goals that really works for you and your business One year at work I didn’t set my own goals, my boss created them for me and I thought they were fine so I accepted them for what they were. The year begun and I started working towards achieving those goals, like I was supposed to and I did ok. Normally I’m an over-achiever (not always good a good thing truth be told), so this got me thinking. What was not working and why? Was it me, the Product, the management or what?  Setting SMARTA goals  I analyzed the situation […]

Wonder why your product isn’t flying off the shelves?

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How you connect and communicate with potential customers is essential to your success. If you don’t have your strategy or sales pitch ready when promoting to your potential customer, they will most likely turn to your competitor. So is there any tricks or tips on how you can improve your pitch and in the end your results? Luckily there is, and I will guide you through the basic dos and don’ts. I created these guidelines when working in the corporate world, to make my life easier and more successful. So now I always follow these five guiding principles. Or as […]