Are you ready to fully embrace being an online entrepreneur and fulfill your dreams of being the CEO of your life? Of creating the business that fully supports you, your family and your dreams?

I know I am!

Hi, I’m Linn, and I know that business strategies and sales is more than planning and numbers. A successful business is about relationships.

I am the CEO and founder of Female Entrepreneur’s Academy.

Welcome to my world.

I have been working in marketing and sales for more than 16 years, reaching new levels of success year after year. One day I woke up, realising that there was more to life than just a steady paycheck, the 9-5 grid, and just exsisting.

In 2011 I was in my best shape ever, running at least 10K every day.

I ran for peace of mind, for the energy it gave me, the pleasure of improving every day.

What no one knew was that I took pain killers to be able to run further than 10K, because every time I wanted to run 17-18K the back pain was excruciating but I just kept on going…

When I was running a half marathon during the fall of 2011, I literally felt two discs move, causing the worst pain ever but I just kept on going, I mean, I only had 8K left to run out of the 21K…

Two days later I had to go to the hospital, I could barely walk and the shot me full of morphine so I could endure the pain.

As it turned out, two discs had collapsed, my ischais nerve was blocked…

Fast forward – Two back surgeries later, I was at home after my latest back surgery and I had to focus on walking…even 10 meters was difficult, 20 meters wasn’t to think about…but I endured because my mind was focused on getting back.

Getting back to owning my own life, to being a mom, to be able to live a pain free life…

6 months later, 1 year later, even 2 years later I’m still affected by my back, I will be on constant medication to relieve me from my chronic nerve pain…BUT I don’t let any of this stop me…I can once again go on a wake board, go skiing, go for a run but most importantly I can once again play with my children, I don’t have to have their help to get me dressed, I don’t have to say no to go swimming with them and so on…

No matter what life hands you – OWN IT!!!

I’m proud to say that I never gave up, even though I could barely walk, living on pain medication, saying NO constantly… I’m still affected by the choices I made back in 2010/2011, but I won’t let it dictate my life.

I’m proud to say that I have let nothing stand in my way. I’ve created the business of my dreams, doing what I love and know BEST.

My mission is to empower women all over the world – to help them create their dream life by fully embracing savvy business strategies and being successful in sales!

I’ve taken control of my own future and can make the money to reach those dreams, ensuring I’ll be able to provide for my family in a fulfilling way. Isn’t it time you do it to?



Laura Wright(1)

Laura Wright

“It’s rare to come across someone who is so skilled at sales and so thoroughly connected to supporting others in creating success in their own sales process. From her vast years of sales experience and selling over $60M you already know she knows her craft... but what you might not know is that IF you have the opportunity to work with Linn, she will guide, coach and train you to be your ultimate best in sales. She creates a perfect blend of Swedish work ethic and full on “I’ve got your back” motivation and support.” — Laura Wright, Super Sales Ninja + Your Go-To-Gal for Being EPIC at Sales

Erika Ashley

Erika Ashley

“Linn’s knowledge of sales and how to close deals by building solid relationships is unparallelled. If you’re looking to close clients, she’s your woman! She is supportive and really cares about her clients and any woman who is struggling with their sales or is looking to massively improve their conversion rates should work with her.” — Erika Ashley, transformational coach at Erika Ashley

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