Do you want to hold powerful, converting discovery calls, all done with ease, flow, and authenticity, and none of the icky, pushy feeling?

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Do you desire to hold powerful discovery calls that convert? To be able to sell with ease, flow and authenticity?

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Do you want to increase your visibility and sell your AMAZING coaching offers to your soulmate client who need your support and guidance?

Hi I'm Linn and I’m so thrilled that you have arrived here.

Becoming an entrepreneur full-time is both the most exhilarating decision you will ever make, and the scariest decision you will ever make. Being an entrepreneur can be both daunting and challenging, but oh so rewarding.

Having a successful business is more than business strategies and sales, it’s more than planning and numbers. As a leading Business and Sales mentor I’m here to help you.

Let me guess…you are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, trying to do everything, all at once, multi-tasking at it’s worst.

Becoming an entrepreneur was supposed to be easy, and money would just flow to you…it would only take a couple of months and then you would be highly successful…

Right now you might be doubting yourself, thinking that going back to the 9-5 job is easier and will at least bring you food to the table because the inconsistency on how you bring in money now is worrying you.

Your inbox is filled up with unread emails, all those freebie’s that would tell you what to do and who to do it, but your mind has gone blank. Your business is about to come to a full stop.

Maybe you’ve been focusing on creating a beautiful website, develop your brand, had some discovery calls to promote a program that you think your ideal client wants and needs.

Have you answered YES, YES, YES, YES and YES to the questions above?

Congratulations, you have begun building the foundation of a beautiful business, now, isn’t it time to up-level and create a business that will support you in the way you dream of?

Female Entrepreneurs Academy - Linn Malmberg Lindgren
Female Entrepreneurs Academy - Linn Malmberg Lindgren

Instead, imagine this as your new reality…attracting your soulmate client, and holding powerful AND converting discovery calls, transforming your online visibility with a fool-proof monthly marketing plan set up and in motion, creation of your own amazing offer, fully knowing how to up sell and down sell on a discovery call at a moments notice AND your morning routines and your mindset are driving you towards success, and long-term growth

You know you want more for you, for your family, for your future but you don’t know what to do, what road to take to make your future as an entrepreneur a success.

I know how you feel, I was once in the same place as you are now. That is until I made the decision to just do it, to go after my dreams with intent and purpose. My road to success began when I hired my first soulmate coach.

If you are ready to transform your life and take dedicated action to pursue your dreams – I’m here for you, ready to help.

Keep your eyes on the prize ladies…

#toptiptuesday Keep your eyes on the prize ladies, keep your eyes on your dreams and goals <3 What is your number ONE tip for making this an amazing Tuesday? It’s a new day, with an endless amount of possibilities – how can YOU make TODAY COUNT? I believe in fresh starts and a grateful approach to life. Your goals for the week should be set (either on Sunday or Monday at the latest) so today should be about the actions you need to take to make those a reality. If you haven’t set any goals – today is a perfect

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Mindful healing <3

Last week I got some news that was totally unexpected, and I just crumbled, but let’s backtrack to about a year ago… When my fatigue syndrome / burn out was at its peak my vision started acting up. I was from time to time experiencing double vision, and that my eyes were really really tired. After reading up on fatigue syndrome I realized that it was quite common to experience this. It’s a common syndrome, but it isn’t often discussed. However, I talked to my doctor and he told me to stay calm, that it would most likely surpass and

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Is it important to stay true to your ideal client?

It is so important to focus on your niche, you don’t want to dilute your message, making it to generic and broad. I know it is so tempting to want to address your message to every single woman out there, because you know they need you and that what you are offering can be of help. However, if you do this – you will attract none. Focus on your niche, focus on your ideal client and attract her with your soul, your specific message. Let me give you an example. —————————————————————————- The other day I saw a sponsored post in

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If you are ready to transform your life and take dedicated action to pursue your dreams – I’m here for you, ready to help.