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Want to be successful on your discovery calls? Nail your true unique call to action and master sales?

Be confident and turn a potential no into a YES?

Even the words ‘selling’, ‘pitch’ and ‘conversion’ are a huge turn-off when it comes to helping the people you want to help in your business, right?

Does the concept of selling make you uncomfortable?

Are you worried that what you tell people about your product or service when you first meet them is off-putting or boring in some way?

Do discovery calls feel uncomfortable, awkward or salesy to you?

You too can make your sales process a reality…

We’ve all met a greasy used car salesperson type at some point in our lives and we’re all afraid of being that person.

I created this two-hour intensive after several of my clients told me that their number one fear was sounding like they were trying too hard to make a sale.

Remember, you are only selling something because you HAVE something to offer other people, whether that’s years of knowledge and experience or a service or product. It doesn’t matter. Even the car salesman has something to sell us, it’s how you do it that matters.

This two-hour session with the extra boost of an additional hour is designed to help you figure that out.

When I began working in the corporate world 16 years ago, I had no sales training whatsoever. I didn’t know how to compose a successful pitch, how to sell my products to customers in different target markets, or how to differentiate what I was selling from other similar products available.

After learning the hard way and working my way up through the ranks to become a top sales professional, I know how to create an enticing and successful unique call to action and how to sell different products. That’s because, through numerous training opportunities, I’ve learned how to be successful at the sales process. I’ve applied that training constantly and consistently. And it works. I’ve reached the top level of a career in sales with remarkable results.

Not only that, I know the importance of doing my research on customer and target markets. That’s how I achieved top 1% status in three companies and managed to increase sales 100% with some customers. Even the difficult ones!

During our 2 hour INTENSIVE together, we can:

  • Nail down your unique call to action using the seven elements of a strong message
  • Work on developing your sales process together
  • Master your clarity call confidence by discussing the seven elements of a clarity call, including your ideal client and your unique selling points.
  • Set goals that motivates you, create an action plan that will take your business to the next level
  • Or whatever you need to drive your business forward, towards reaching your dream goals

Enroll in The Academy Sales Intensive below.

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However The Successful in Sales INTENSIVE is not for everyone.

This intensive is for you if:

  • You have been booking sales calls with no success
  • You’re unclear on your unique call to action
  • You want some help navigating your sales process.
  • You need help with setting goals that you reach

If you are a master of the sales, you don’t want to work with the number one ranked sales agent at three different companies, or you are lost about how to put together a sales plan and generally unfamiliar with sales, then this program is not for you.

This is designed after YOUR NEEDS!!

If you are still unclear if this is for you, please book a complimentary clarity call and let's chat.

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Enroll in The Academy Sales Intensive below.

Click on the link below to purchase YOUR Successful in Sales INTENSIVE – let’s work together to help you achieve your goals and dreams.