Do you desire to reach your goals with ease?

Do YOU desire to be in alignment, set goals that will increase your success rate and faster reach your dreams and desires?  Sell your AMAZING coaching offers to your ideal client who need your support & guidance?

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Transforming the way you set goals and work towards reaching them will do just that!

Through being in alignment with your dreams and desires you can:

  • Set goals that motivates you, I mean really motivates you
  • Reach your goals, and crush them
  • Stay consistent and visible, constantly working in a flow and know-how to boost your energy and focus

I understand that setting goals can seem to be unneccessary or old school, and you might hold back due to fear of never reaching your goals, constantly revising them…

These modules will support you to set your goals, be in alignment, walk you through the exact processes to reaching them and will help you stay motivated and focused.


Through being in alignment with your dreams and desires you can:

  • Set goals in alignment with you, your dreams and desires.
  • The step-by-step guide on how you can reach your sales goals and increase your income!.
  • The art of being focused and have an amazingly productive day so you can meet all your deadlines and tasks!
  • The power of reward and how to reward yourself for a job well done!

What’s included in the program:

  • 3 Comprehensive Guides and Worksheets supporting your transformation from setting and forgetting goals to mastering the art of setting aligned goals.
  • Your own energy booster ”7 Ways To Reward Yourself To Success” and my Daily Success Planner to help you stay on track with your business.
  • Support from the Linn Malmberg Lindgren and her team should you have a question or get stuck as you go through the guides and worksheets.

“I had the pleasure of helping Linn with her social media and was very impressed with her wealth of knowledge surrounding sales and the sales process. I would feel very comfortable having her help me with my sales as well as referring her to other entrepreneurs. Linn holds herself to a high integrity ans is passionate about helping others”

Erin Thompson
Erin Thompson Creator of Strawberry Social, Social Media Coach

“Linn’s knowledge of sales and how to close deals by building solid relationships is unparallelled. If you’re looking to close clients, she’s your woman! She is supportive and really cares about her clients and any woman who is struggling with their sales or is looking to massively improve their conversion rates should work with her.”

Erika Ashley
Erika Ashley Transformational coach at Erika Ashley

Join The Success Goals Mastery Today Only $15