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The exclusive Academy VIP Mentorship #alignignitesucceed gives you the success mindset strategies, business building blocks and sales skills to embrace, to create your own successful business. #alignignitesucceed

Let me guess…you are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, trying to do everything, all at once, multi-tasking at it’s worst.

Becoming an entrepreneur was supposed to be easy, and money would just flow to you…it would only take a couple of months and then you would be highly successful…

Right now you might be doubting yourself, thinking that going back to the 9-5 job is easier and will at least bring you food to the table because the inconsistency on how you bring in money now is worrying you.

Your inbox is filled up with unread emails, all those freebie’s that would tell you what to do and who to do it, but your mind has gone blank. Your business is about to come to a full stop.

Maybe you’ve been focusing on creating a beautiful website, develop your brand, had some discovery calls to promote a program that you think your ideal client wants and needs.

Congratulations, you have begun building the foundation of a beautiful business, now, isn’t it time to up-level and create a business that will support you in the way you dream of?


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6 x 60 minute sessions, each leading in the direction of creating the business you envision, with ease, flow, and authenticity.

Let's create more success in your life and in your business.


Imagine this as your new reality…

  •  Your morning routines and your mindset are driving you towards success, and long-term growth.
  • You will be able to identify your soulmate client, and hold powerful AND converting discovery calls
  • You will be able to transform your online visibility with a fool-proof monthly marketing plan set up and in motion.
  • You will create your own amazing offer, know how to up sell and down sell on a discovery call at a moments notice.

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We will spend the next 6 weeks working together. We will remain in close contact throughout the program in order to ensure the ultimate success! I'll be there for you via messenger and email, in addition to our weekly calls. 1-3 workbooks and/or will be sent out to you weekly, as well as an occasional audio recording to inspire and energize you.


“It’s rare to come across someone who is so skilled at sales and so thoroughly connected to supporting others in creating success in their own sales process. From her vast years of sales experience and selling over $60M you already know she knows her craft... but what you might not know is that IF you have the opportunity to work with Linn, she will guide, coach and train you to be your ultimate best in sales. She creates a perfect blend of Swedish work ethic and full on “I’ve got your back” motivation and support.”

Laura Wright, Super Sales Ninja + Your Go-To-Gal for Being EPIC at Sales
Epic at Sales

“Linn’s knowledge of sales and how to close deals by building solid relationships is unparallelled. If you’re looking to close clients, she’s your woman! She is supportive and really cares about her clients and any woman who is struggling with their sales or is looking to massively improve their conversion rates should work with her.”

Erika Ashley, transformational coach
Erika Ashley

“ When I reached out to Linn, I was unclear about the sales process and how to pitch prospects and leads. After working with Linn for an hour, I now have a very clear elevator pitch for conversations with potential leads/prospects and clients. I also gained a good understanding of the sales process and how to be successful in that. If you go into the session prepared and with an open mind, you will get a lot out of your work with Linn.

Steven Phang
Aspirus Financial Services

“I had the pleasure of helping Linn with her social media and was very impressed with her wealth of knowledge surrounding sales and the sales process. I would feel very comfortable having her help me with my sales as well as referring her to other entrepreneurs. Linn holds herself to a high integrity ans is passionate about helping others”

Erin Thompson
Strawberry Social

“I wasn’t confident in my ability to have successful sales conversations and I felt that this was holding me back as they are vital to my success as a company. Linn was very inviting during our conversation and I would recommend her to anybody who is struggling with confidence to pitch for clients. What I feel sets Linn apart from other consultants is that she was truly interested in my business and in my ideas and I now feel a lot more confident in my ability to hold sales conversations.”

Sharon Renth
Journey P.A.T.H. Coaching

Are you ready to take full controll over your future? Become the ladyboss you envisioned with a clear roadmap to success? Feeling empowered, ignited and ready for success?

- Linn Malmberg Lindgren - Business & Sales Mentor

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