Align Ignite Succeed


Congratulations, you have launched your business…

Maybe you’ve had a few clients, but it’s inconsistent or they are not your soulmate clients.

Right now, you are doubting whether or not this is for you…
You are tired of the ever doubting questions or objections you hear…

“Sorry, I have to talk to my husband.”

“Do people really pay you for that?”

“Can’t you just tell me how to do it?”

You are not attracting your soulmate clients, or they are passing you by in the busy world of social media. The good news is that we can fix that!

Creating an amazing and unique (based on YOU) coaching program, offer, product message, clearly articulating the solution you provide to their #1 pain point WILL allow you to attract your soulmate client. And when you connect with them on an emotional and authentic way you WILL turn them into a paying client.

This may sound easy, and it is, but it is also easy to attract the wrong people, the wrong clients, because you are missing the powerful connection, you are missing the vital step of building a relationship first.

What’s worse is constantly hearing the above statements and attracting the wrong clients or no clients at all. You may pack up your business thinking you aren’t cut out for it.
Let’s remove the negative energy surrounding this, NOW.


For moms, who are early stage or transitioning coaches, ready to unleash your story, be seen as the expert that you are, and truly step into your zone of genius.

This is your time, your time to ALIGN – IGNITE – SUCCEED

It doesn’t matter where you are in your business, or what you are finding to be more challenging. Whether or not you have your signature program, a product ready to be launced, or if you haven’t identified your soulmate client – YOU ARE READY!

Ready to bring your unique gifts into the world, YOU are your own strongest asset and you you have to own that. It is time to combine your mindset, business skills and sales to create a business that you can thrive in.

Together, we can

    • Transform YOUR  visibility and attract your SOULMATE clients
    • Transform YOUR perception of sales
    • Transform YOUR perception of what YOU need to run successful business
    • Transform the energy that YOU are bringing to YOUR business.


  • 1 x 60 minutes private session
  • 4 x 60 minutes weekly group Q&A, with individual laser-coaching, tailored to your need for the week (mindset, discovery calls, messaging etc)
  • PDF’s
  • Videos
  • Private Facebook group with constant support
  • Support via messenger


  • 30 minute intense SALES TRAINING
  • Linn’s sales bundle “Success Sales Mastery”

<3 <3 <3

ALIGN – IGNITE – SUCCEED is for YOU – to help you SELL LIKE A QUEEN, and take YOUR business to the next level with a clear roadmap to SUCCESS.

During these 4 weeks, we will be working through your business, looking over what needs to align, be removed, or enhanced. Either it is your selling skills, sales training, objection handling, follow up strategies, goal setting and reaching them effortlessly.

We WILL define your SOULMATE CLIENT, niche and target market, and work on implementing strong mindset stategies, as welll as savvy business strategies.

I will help you via personalized coaching and mentoring, all based on your needs, and always with love and accountability.


Look forward to seeing you in the mastermind <3


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